Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Elena!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my baby sister, Elena, a Very Happy Birthday! I was seven years old when we brought her home from the hospital on our Dad's 30th birthday. I remember looking down into the snowy receiving blanket in Mom's arms and seeing a little round red face with lots of dark hair. A week or so later, I got to go to a baby shower with Mom, that the ladies of our church were putting on for Mom and my new baby sister. I thought it was so cute that Elena just slept right through it laying on her tummy across Mom's lap! I was always so proud of my little sister. She was just adorable with her soft, dark curls and chubby cheeks with dimples. When she got to be a toddler, she was a challenge to watch when we were playing outside. She kept wanting to put little pebbles in her mouth and then run away! The trick was to get them out of her mouth without her choking on them, or biting me!--lol! She didn't much like minding me when she was older and I was left in charge, either! :-) However, as we grew older, we got along better and better. We seemed to like a lot of the same things: doing arts and crafts and flower gardening, especially. But the best thing of all is that not only are we sisters in the flesh, but we are sisters in the Lord! And I was oh, so happy when my dear sister, after many years of waiting, found her precious husband. And then the Lord gave them a beautiful baby girl of their own! Now their family is complete.

Elena is the one who got me into the blogging world. She started a blog in 2008, and kept encouraging me to start one of my own. So here I am! Thank you, thank you, Sis!! After you watch the little slide show I put together here, why not pop on over to Elena's Garden and tell her Happy Birthday, too!

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  1. Thank you Denise! I know I was a pain when I was little! LOL but I thankful you were always a patient and a sweet sister. The slide show was really fun to see and you have made my day very special!!! Love, Elena

  2. How precious!!! Thanks!!!!!!


  3. I love the slideshow of Elena's childhood! What a sweet birthday tribute to your sister, Denise!:)

    I think that you sound like a pretty special big sister for Elena to me:) And you are right that you are even deeper sisters in the Lord!!:)What joy!

    I will now pop over to Elena's and wish her a belated happy birthday!

    Linda C