Friday, March 13, 2009

Show & Tell Friday

For Show & Tell Friday, I would like to share with you a ceramic figurine I bought several years ago at a thrift shop in California. I usually display this little figure in the spring, because the pastel colors remind me of spring and I do so love spring flowers! I paired the figurine here with a little carved alabaster rabbit and have shown them from three different angles. The reason I was drawn to the figurine in the first place was because her face reminded me of my sister Linda when she was six.

Here is Linda's picture.

Do you see a little resemblance? Happy Spring, Linda!

To see more treasures and join in the fun of Show & Tell Friday please go to Kelli's blog, "There Is No Place Like Home".

Show and Tell


  1. She is so very pretty, both the figurine and your Sister. I love pretty little lady and girl figurines. Besides pretty dishes they are my weakness.

  2. I see the's adorable!!!

  3. Yes, I can see some resemblance! Pretty figurine, I love figurines. I have collected them since I was a child.


  4. Hi Denise! Oh, she is so pretty, and there is a little resemblance. I do love the little rabbit, too!

    I sure appreciate your friendship and encouragement, Denise. You and your sis are such blessings to me...God surely has surrounded me with some lovely souls.

    Have a joyful weekend!

  5. Your pretty figurine does look like your sister! Thanks for stopping by & leaving such sweet comments about our Grandson.

  6. Oh, what a pretty figurine! Such a sweet face.

  7. How sweet...she does indeed look like your sister.


  8. My friend Dennis
    Thank u so much for this wonderful and beautiful letters which indicate the high and taste of your beautiful soul, th ... how wonderful you are and u have spirit filled life, and u have childhood memories.. your love for the spring, nature, colors, pets ..on your wonderful character .. u have much love to your family and to the people ..and that make God love u. all of these things make me love u .. I really love and respect u so much and I hope to keep communication between us and I want to tell u some thing >>>that I will writ about u here in Sweden . Than u Denise again.

    Your friend


  9. Ah, Such a pretty figurine and such a pretty sister!