Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Puppy Love

Today, my little dog, Blondie, is 13 years old. She's been a sweet, faithful companion all these years. Here's a couple pictures of her when she was just a couple months old.

In this recent photo she seems to say, "Mom, can I bite him?" (Poor Blondie has to put up with 6 cats at our house!) :-}

Here is a little poem I wrote about her several years ago:

Faith waiting beside the gate,

Hope dancing under the dish,

Love lingering in a lick,

Steadfast canine friend, teach me to worship!

Thank God for all His little creatures that teach us so much!


  1. Love the animals! They are sooo sweet!!


  2. What a beautie! Love the poem, it says it all.
    Our poor red basset has the older dog white mask now, Blondie's just blends right in:)
    Happy 13th Beautiful Blondie:)

  3. What a Grand Lady Blondie is...