Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hello Friends!

I haven't posted anything for about a week and a half and it really feels strange! This blogging really gets into your heart! ;-)

It's just that the weather has been so gorgeous here, that my hubby and I have been working many hours in our garden trying to get some projects done that we can't do in the winter weather. When we finally come into the house in the evening, we have to play catch up with housework and other things. By then we are VERY tired. You get the idea! lol

I have been taking photos, but then when I reviewed them for posting I realized I had the camera set to black and white mode! That really will NOT do for a color lover like myself, especially of my garden! So I will post just a couple photos of us that turned out okay, with a promise of more colorful flower photos to follow in a future post.

On the other hand, I do have some color photos of some of our indoor pursuits.

The first is the Beth Moore workbook for the Bible study on Daniel. Our church offered this 12-week video series through our Women's Ministry starting last fall. We completed it in February. Then they decided to do it again for those who missed it the first time or who wanted a refresher. I decided to repeat it, this time as a small group discussion leader. It is a fantastic study! Although I have studied the book of Daniel several times in the past, Beth Moore offers many new insights. I highly recommend it to the serious student of the Word.

Also, my hubby, Steven, has been very active in the Men's Ministry.

Last year he completed a 27-week study called "Quest for Authentic Manhood" with about 70 other guys at our church, and was very much blessed by it. They decided to offer this video-driven series again last fall. But since there were fewer guys this time, they had several small groups which met in individual homes. So for twenty seven weeks Steven has led a group of eight guys for the study at our house on Monday nights. Most times I was gone, since that was also the night of my Beth Moore study. But I was involved in getting the house cleaned and set up. And I almost always baked some kind of dessert snack--cookies, cake, or muffins were favorites. Above is a picture of the workbook for "Quest for Authentic Manhood" with the workbook for a follow-on study that they are doing called "Winning at Work and Home" and the facsimile sword that the guys received who completed "Quest". Nice, huh!

And finally, here is a batch of banana muffins that I made recently to share.

Steven got the recipe off for me. They turned out yummy!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little update. I will try to squeeze in a further update soon. God bless!


  1. Wow, sound like a great team!! I love Beth Moore, and want to do the Esther study!!

    Can't wait to see the colorful pics of your garden!! Flowers and birds are my two favorite things!!

    Have a glorious week, friend!!

  2. I really enjoyed your update:)